Sunday, March 18, 2012

How to Exercise Your Feet to Reduce Soreness

Foot soreness is a normal effect whenever you have to stand all day long. The feet carry the whole bodyweight when you are standing. Therefore, the longer you are on your feet, the more likely they will be sore. However, the remedy is simple. Whenever your feet are sore, consider the following exercise and relaxation steps.
* Roll a tennis ball or golf ball underneath the ball of your foot with gentle pressure for 2 minutes. This will create a quick massage for the base of your foot. It can help in case of heel pain from plantar fasciitis, arch soreness, and cramps.
* Take off your shoes. Sit and cross the right leg so that the ankle sets on the left thigh. Hold the toes and flex them back in the direction of the shin, stretching out the band of muscle joining the base of the heel and the ball. A study discovered that, by doing this stretch 3 times a day, people who experience plantar fasciitis could have the possibility of 75 percent to feel no pain within 3 to 6 months.
* To relieve foot soreness and aching, raise your foot and roll it down so that the toes point in the direction of the floor. Then bend the foot. Do it again with the other foot. This exercise could help alleviate aching and enhance the blood circulation by stretching out all the tiny muscles at the base of your foot.

* Stand up and raise your heels in order that you are standing on the balls of your feet. Carry on for 10 seconds. Do it again ten times. This exercise will work for reducing foot cramps due to standing all day in stifling shoes. Additionally, it can improve calf muscles and make them appear more defined.

* Heel raises can help stretch your heel and strengthen the front of your foot. Stand with your legs extended and your feet should be shoulder-width apart, according to Total Orthopaedic Care. Slowly raise up on your toes. Try to lift your heels as far off the ground as possible. Hold the heel raise for a count of five. Slowly lower your heels so that your feet are planted on the ground. Relax and repeat three sets of 10 repetitions throughout the day.

*The  is the tendon that supports the arch of the foot. This stretch needs to be completed near a wall. Stand straight up and place the ball of the sore foot on the wall. Keep your back straight and lean forward with your hips, recommends Total Orthopaedic Care. Continue to lean until you feel a stretch in your foot. Hold this position for five seconds. Return to the start position. If both feet are affected by pain, repeat the same exercise using your opposite foot. Repeat one set of 10 reps, three times each day.
*Toe spreads help strengthen your toes and increase mobility. Stand with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Your toes should be facing forward. Spread your toes apart as far as you comfortably can and then return them to the start position, according to the Sports Injury Clinic. Complete three sets of 10 reps throughout the day.

*This exercise will help strengthen and provide flexibility in the ball of your foot and in your toes. While seated, place a pencil on the floor underneath the toes of one foot. Pick the pencil up by curling your toes around it, according to the Sports Injury Clinic. Count to six as you hold the pencil with your toes. Release and repeat three sets of 10 reps.

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