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7 Insider Tricks for Creating Amazing Wedding Flowers According to Martha Stewart


 Photo: Johnny Miller
Your bride's posy is the first part of her ensemble guests see, so it should be nothing short of jaw-dropping. Just have her pick a favorite color, then load up on seasonal flowers in different varieties. Here, roses, lilies, amaryllis, anemones, ranunculus, and dahlias make an impact. All but the amaryllis are available year-round. Sub in Asiatic lilies in spring or summer.

  Photo: Johnny Miller
Take the mantra “less is more” to heart and let a single flower shine. Choose a captivating but affordable bloom from the bouquet, like these ‘Showmaster’ amaryllis, then cluster the stems in various-size vessels strewn across your tables. You’ll find that there’s beauty in minimalism -- and repetition.
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                                                                                         Photo: Johnny Miller
Mixed greens -- in this case, sprays of exploding grass, leaves, and ferns -- are a florist’s secret weapon. Not only do they offer lushness and volume without adding to her bottom line, but they also provide amazing contrast. Dahlias, hellebores, and ‘Casablanca’ and eucharis lilies shine here, though you’ll get the same effect with any pale blossoms.
Photo: Johnny Miller
Bursts of ‘Casablanca’ and eucharis lilies, clematis, and magnolia leaves bring loads of drama -- the good kind -- to your reception tables. When sending your flowers skyward, use tall vessels (these soar to almost two feet) that taper at eye level and keep the bulk of the arrangements well above guests’ sight line. Otherwise, they’ll impede conversation

There’s nothing more romantic than your bride walking towards her groom on a gradient carpet of rose petals. They’re sold  every color (ours are from Harvest Wholesale Floral,;  order four to five shades, spread them out, and blur the lines by hand where the colors meet. To ensure the bride and her maids are the first to set foot on them, seat guests from the sides.

     Bring Your Brides Look to Life

Two lush blooms plus two hairpins equals one alluring accessory -- think of it as a fresh-picked fascinator. Garden roses like these are well suited for the task: They’re extremely long lasting, lie flat against the head.

Photo: Johnny Miller 

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