Monday, April 23, 2012

Florists For Change

 From the FFC website. It's smart to remember the WHY?

Losses experienced by filling florists on wire-in orders may encourage some to not fill to 100% value or to not unconditionally stand behind their products. We all have noticed that many shops won't accept incoming orders, and of those that do, some require 100% of the order value paid immediately by credit card. Sen...d-only “florists” and deceptive advertisers are parasitic businesses that add unnecessary costs to wire transactions and generate unprofitable orders for the filling florists. Deceptive advertisers often overtly take market share from local brick and mortar florists through fraudulent means. The lack of pervasive non-brand specific floral advertising actually lowers the intrinsic value of our products and services by default. Collectively, this fosters a negative dynamic that discourages consumers from purchasing floral products, and encourages them to try other forms of gift-giving. The net result is that the entire industry suffers, and we all feel the pain.

THIS IS PRECISELY WHY WE CREATED Florists for Change Inc. Vital to this effort is obtaining and maintaining critical mass to affect positive change in our industry. Our first step was to convene a meeting of like-minded florists in Las Vegas in August of 2011, and again in Atlanta in October of 2011 and Grand Rapids MI IN March 2012. Today, we are working very diligently to build our base of Florist Members, as well as our base of Associate Members of progressive industry service providers. Each Associate has made special offers to FFCI Florist Members, and each has proposed a set of mechanisms to result in contribution to the FFCI marketing fund. Also, we have created a set of “action committees” to build membership, engage in meaningful dialog with wire services to effect changes in their relationships with florists, eliminate deceptive advertisers, communicate with florists, and develop a non-brand specific marking fund for North American markets.

A huge amount of progress has been made in a very short time period, but friends, please understand that YOUR voice and your involvement is critical to the success of this grass-roots movement. We strongly urge you to become a member and get involved. Many hands make work light! WE NEED YOU! Together, we CAN make a difference in our great industry.

It’s time! If not you, who? If not now, when? After all, we are Florists for Change!

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