Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Half Off Starbucks to Create Jobs for the USA. Bonus: Small Buisness Loans

Want to get your caffeine fix and help small businesses at the same time? 
 Tomorrow, April 4th, you can!  When you purchase a $10 dollar Starbucks card for only $5 through Google Offers, not only will you receive 50% savings, but you’ll also be helping out small businesses.   For each $5 gift card sold through Google Offers, Google will donate $3 to Create Jobs for USA, Starbucks’ fund to help small businesses and job creation in the US.  Remember the wristbands?
They are a symbol of Starbuck’s effort launched late last year to create jobs in America.  When you make a donation, 100% of it is used to create jobs.  The Starbucks Foundation donated the first $5,000,000 to start the movement.

But back to the Google Offers deal… now Starbucks is teaming up with Google for the same cause.  Sign up for Google Offers  to get your $10 dollar gift card (you only pay $5) and help support the Create Jobs for USA campaign.

Remember this offer begins and ends on April 4th, 2012.  Google donates $3 to Opportunity Finance Network for the Create Jobs for USA Fund with each purchase.  Is this just a ploy to get customers to sign up for Google Offers? Maybe, but half off your coffee and a donation to an organization aimed at helping small businesses create jobs, not bad.

Benefits for Small Business Owners:

As a small business owner, you can benefit from this by getting more than just half off your coffee this week.  You can potentially get financing for your business.  It can be a challenge in today’s economy to secure financing through conventional ways.  Create Jobs for the USA is a program that leads the way in supplying funding for new business across the US.  They partner with a network to award funding to help create and sustain local jobs.

Their partner, Opportunity Finance Network, is a national network of lending institutions that invest to benefit disadvantaged communities.  This program connects with a network of more than 180 financial institutions to help business apply for loans.  Opportunity Finance Network grants the fund to the specific lending institutions all across the nation. This project will help invest in communities so that existing jobs can be kept and new ones can be created.  Small businesses are the backbone of the American workforce; together we can build small businesses and grow the economy. Find a community development financial institution that can help you get lending for your small business or start-up.

How Does Create Jobs for USA work?

Create Jobs for USA is committed to weathering the challenge that are economy is facing.  They help by providing grants to Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), who provide loans to communities.  The loans are then fueled into small businesses.  9.1 % of us remain out of work, but when the economy grows, jobs grow. The best place to begin is with small businesses.  Small businesses spread growth through the economy.  Create Jobs for USA helps to create those jobs and sustain them by financially supporting small businesses.

Half Off StarBucks

Every one of us have been affected by the unemployment rise and we can partner with Google and Starbucks Wednesday, April 4th to help make a difference.

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