Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Press Release: SBA announces the 2012 State Small Business Persons of the Year

GEORGIA's  Winner

Laura L. Darnall
Lois T. Judy
Candy Craft Creations, LLC
64 Ross Road
Garden City, GA 31415
(912) 232-4410

With keen intuition and tireless energy Laura Darnall spent many hours in the kitchen making candy. In 2007 her crafty candy took her as a contributing sponsor to the prestigious Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show where her product was very well received by professionals and the public at large. From there Laura began exploring the world of Fondants and cake sculpting only to develop the first buttercream flavor on the market.

In 2008 she founded Candy Craft Creations with the help of friend and partner, Lois Judy. They are committed to providing quality fondant to sugar artists everywhere.

Mission Statement

The objective of Candy Craft Creations is to provide high quality fondant, reliable service, and customer satisfaction. Our goal also is to provide a large selection of new innovative gourmet flavors that are pleasing to the palette and offer a variety of colors at competitive pricing.

Soccer moms turned cake queens, Laura and Lois decided to go into business together after nearly 30 years of recreational candy-making. This year alone they have earned more than one million dollars in sales.

5 Things I’ve Learned:

1. The importance of professionalism.
2. How to utilize the resources around us (SCAD and the Small Business Association are invaluable!).
3. Employee appreciation breeds loyalty.
4. Kindness and customer service are paramount in business practices.
5. Above all, you have to be flexible!

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