Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Educate your Customers using Free Marketing

Hello Floral Entrepreneurs,

Take a look at this video.  It is very informative on using free on-line marketing.  I know from my own personal experience and from talking with local florist that sometimes customers aren't well verse on floral care.  Why not educate them by making tutorials.  "How to carry a bouquet"; "How to pin a corsage" or "What flowers are grown in my state and how to incorporate them into my event?"   By posting on your websites and other media platforms you set yourself up to be considered an expert.  By educating your customer you are building a relationship with them.  That relationship in turn will encourage  a long term retail /customer partnership.

Skaters Landing is a national retailer and e-tailer of products and accessories for the skating industry. Although located in CT and MA, it uses free marketing online to teach customers from all over the world about its industry. Specifically, Skaters Landing's informational videos give customers video tutorials on how to properly shop for and use skating products.

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