Thursday, May 10, 2012

Free Webinar: Uncover, Own & Profit From Your Gift: Becoming the CEO of Your Giant, Juicy Dream

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Uncover, Own & Profit From Your Gift: Becoming the CEO of Your Giant, Juicy Dream

Does this sound familiar?
It has probably happened to you. In fact, it is likely that it still has you running around in circles, exhausted, overwhelmed and not living the life you were meant to live.

It’s the lack of vision, the fear of dreaming really freakin’ big, and the waiting until you have all your ducks in a row before you make a move.

Now while this may be the “safe, good girl” approach to life, it won’t get you where you want to go in business or in life. Jenny Fenig knows – she tried it and failed … and then tried another way and started living the dream and building her mission-driven business faster than even she could believe. You can, too.

Jenny knows these secrets and steps to be rock-solid and true because even though she quit her intense, 6-figure corporate job without another job lined up and seriously had no clue what she was going to do next (very out of character for an overachieving, Type A gal like her!), she was still able to discover her life’s work and launch a business doing that work within a matter of months.

What drove this stunning clarity and gave her the confidence to live her dreams and build her business are the exact same steps you will discover when you join her and other gutsy gals just like you this action-packed webinar.

Jenny is hosting this webinar because she sees way too many women fail to fully uncover and own their divine gift (their secret sauce). As an entrepreneur, if you DON’T fully step into your gift and passion, you’re holding yourself back … and leaving lots of money on the table.

While your purpose may be something bigger than making money (and probably is), the purpose of your business is to turn a profit. When you uncover AND own your gift, you get to live your beautiful purpose by serving your customers and clients. And your business gets fulfill its purpose too. Everybody wins.

Ready to dive into this transformational topic? Good. Here’s what you’ll take away from this webinar:
  • The 3 essential ingredients you need to define your dream life and business and make it real (think: mmm)
  • How to quiet the drunk monkeys (if you aren’t able to do this, you run the risk of experiencing mediocre results … and failing in your business)
  • Why "REACTING" is costing you your health, happiness and sustainable success and what you can do about it
  • Why running away from your fears and frustrations catches up with you and how NOT to waste your energy on the wrong stuff
  • How stopping helps you reset and move in the right direction and create the results you're capable of achieving.

Jenny is CEO and Founder of Jenny Fenig Worldwide, LLC, a company dedicated to guiding women to uncover, own and profit from their gift.

Jenny Fenig

CEO and Founder of Jenny Fenig Worldwide, LLC


Jenny Fenig is a passionate woman, wife, mom, yogi, entrepreneur and adventurer. After spending a decade climbing the corporate ladder as a communications executive and event producer in New York City, Jenny jumped off the proverbial cliff when she quit her high-pressure, six-figure job and became a yoga teacher turned coach and mentor to savvy women-on-a-mission.

Jenny is CEO and Founder of Jenny Fenig Worldwide, LLC, a company dedicated to guiding women to uncover, own and profit from their gift. Through coaching, training, live events and retreats, gutsy gals get access to the tools, wisdom and moxie to speak up and be the change agents they were meant to be.

Jenny started her career as a communications manager for Kick Butts Day, an initiative to curb kids’ tobacco use. She then moved to top public relations agency Porter Novelli in New York City, developing global, strategic programs for blue-chip clients like Kellogg, M&Ms, Polaroid and Pfizer. A highlight of her time at PN was traveling around the world with soccer star PelĂ© promoting the importance of men’s sexual health and well-being.

Jenny then became an event producer for the Institute for International Research (IIR), an elite, global conference organization, creating must-attend events for marketing, design and customer management executives. This fast-paced position gave her the opportunity to book visionary speakers including peak performance expert Tony Robbins, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, management guru Tom Peters, Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, and best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell.

In 2008, Jenny launched her coaching and training business to make full use of her talents and passion for inspiring women to embrace their power in their business and life. She hasn’t looked back.

She is the founder and host of the Retreat for Goddesses, a life-changing weekend for gutsy gals to unplug, connect and rock life. Jenny created the Gutsy Goddess Society, a sparkly community for gutsy gals living life on purpose, to provide a forum for women to dream, scheme and action plan together. Jenny was also the co-founder of a series of popular, transformational support groups for moms in New York City in partnership with Mommybites.

Jenny is a powerful speaker and teacher who empowers her audience to dream big and go after what they most want in this lifetime.

After spending more than a decade living in the bright lights and fast pace of New York City, Jenny now lives in the “cultured country” of the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts with her husband, two young sons, and cats. It’s the perfect place to raise a family, live her yoga, and do her big work in the world.

Jenny Fenig Worldwide, LLC donates a portion of its profits to the Julie Amon Dolphins of Strength Scholarship, an award created in Jenny’s late sister’s honor and given to high school seniors with high potential in Jenny and Julie’s hometown of New Smyrna Beach, Florida

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