Monday, May 7, 2012

Host Online Shows on your Facebook Page

Hello Floral Entrepreneurs,

Create a seminar or a workshop on line through Evinar tools.  I think that it would be a new way to promote your business and earn cash.  Teach your customer how to order flowers for their wedding or event.  If you are a floral instructor teach other florist how to  create different designs.  The possibilities are endless.  Don't be nervous about being in front of a camera.  Be yourself!   There is an audience out there in cyberspace waiting for the information that you have to offer.  Remember never sell yourself short.  You could be next great design star.  Just take a look at all the "Celebrity" chefs out there.  20 years there was only a few cooking shows and look how that niche market has exploded.  Well your show might be the beginnings of a "Flower Network".  I'm just saying don't sell yourself or your business short.

Perform live with webcam

Share videos, music and photos

Engage fans with moderated live chat

Promote show, earn money &

 get more likes

How Does It Work?

1. Create a Show

Create your show on Evinar. Set the date, time and ticket price for your show.

2. Get The Word Out

Evinar let's you announce the show to all your fans worldwide in seconds.

3. Fans Buy Tickets

Your fans buy the tickets for your show online and you earn money right away.

4. Show Time

 Do a sound check, get on the stage and perform

Are you an Artist, Performer or Speaker?

A Musician Performing on Laptop

Fans Watching Live on Facebook Page

Treat Your Fans

Do an online show, concert or conference on your Facebook Page. Give your fans more than just a status update.

Global Audience

Your Facebook page is a global venue. Reach fans from anywhere in the world, right from your room or studio.

Earn Money

Monetize your Facebook fan base by turning likes into tickets. Sell tickets to your show on your Facebook page.

How Much Do I Get Paid?

It depends on what ticket price you set and how many fans buy the ticket. 60% of money from each ticket is paid to you and 40% is collected by Evinar to cover expenses.

When Do I Get Paid?

Once your account reaches a balance of $50, the money is sent to you via Paypal. It can take up to 10 business days to receive the money.

What Are You Waiting For?

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