Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SAF (Society of American Florist) Webinars are now available on DVD.

The following SAF Webinars are now available on DVD.

SEO 101 — Basics of Search Engine Optimization
Presenter:Renato Sogueco, SAF
When you search your business name online, does your Web site show up in the top 10 results? This session breaks search engine optimization down into easy steps and basic action items to get your business on page one of search results.

Securing Your Spot Online
Presenter: Renato Sogueco, SAF
Give your brick-and-mortar business a boost by keeping it on top of local search engine rankings through the art and science of localized SEO.

Better Forecasts: Better Florists
Presenter: Paul Goodman, CPA, Floral Financial Services
Have unpredictable sales left you over-staffed and with too much inventory? Better sales forecasting can lower your cost of goods sold.

    •    How to forecast sales (both day-to-day and for holidays) — in a challenging economy,
    •    How to put your forecasts to work for you.
    •    How to use sales forecasts to increase productivity.

Holiday Sales Boot Camp
Presenter: Tim Huckabee, FloralStrategies, LLC
Want to jumpstart your holiday profits? Sales pro Tim Huckabee will show you how — in just one hour!

    •    A more effective way to sell centerpieces
    •    Tips for selling wire orders
    •    How to use your POS system to handle more sales during the rush.

Get Smart: Get a Phone That Works for You
Presenter: Renato Sogueco, SAF
Smartphones are the wave of the future. Not sure what smartphone is right for you or how the apps will help you promote your business?
    •    Key features and mobile plans associated with the popular smartphones on the market.
    •    What applications you should get on your phone.
    •    How your smartphone makes managing social media simple.

Bringing Back the Balance
Presenter: Barry Gottlieb
Running a small business means long hours and hard work. But the price is more than a few hours of sleep. Burnout can take a bite out of your bottom line as exhaustion takes its toll on you and your employees. Learn how to manage stress and put life back on an even keel — in just one hour!

    •    How to reduce the negative impact of stress.
    •    How to balance the demands of a busy job 
with your personal life.
    •    How to use a simple, 20-minute technique to relax and regain focus on the job and at home.
The take-away, says Gottlieb, "will change your life!"

What the New Health Care Law Means to Your Business
Presenter: John Satagaj, Attorney
SAF's Washington, D.C. counsel provides a question-driven nuts and bolts review of the key provisions of the health care law and what it means to your business.

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