Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Floral Design Institute: The Flower Lover's Club


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Announcing super exciting news from the Floral Design Institute!!!

August 1, 2012 is the official beginning of The Flower Lover's Club

You already know that FDI has the world's largest resource of online floral design demonstrations, information and training. Now, we are adding even more. Members of the Flower Lover's Club will have access to five new resource libraries; Floral Design Elements and Principles, Floral Design Styles, Floral Design Techniques, Floral Design as Art and Floral Design Trends. Yes, we have been very busy.
In addition to our weekly floral design demonstration, Club Members will receive a second weekly demonstration in one of our new resource libraries. And there is more, much more. Club Members will also receive: FREE shipping on all floral supplies, tools, books and DVD's. Expanded Search Engine for the resource libraries.
Private email address. A direct line of communication for faster response.
FREE DVD of your choice, just for joining. There is more, but we like surprises, lots of surprises... New exclusive reference libraries, free shipping on all orders, priority access, and a free DVD; you can’t afford to not be a member……
Click here for more information and Join the Club.
If it is easier, give us a call at 800-819-8089. We can process your membership by phone and get you started today.
Don't worry, we won't eliminate anything from our website. You will still have everything that you have come to love and expect. But now - you will have even more!
See You Next Week...
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