Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mayesh Design Star 2013 Contest

It's YOUR time to bloom! We are searching for our next Mayesh Design Star (MDS2013) for our 2013 design inspiration videos. Mandy Majerik AIFD PFCI along with Armosa Studios really set the bar high combining a great on camera presence, beautiful design, and eye-pleasing video. If you are looking to increase your visibility within our industry and score a really cool trip, then this is the contest for you!

Like last year, our MDS2013 will demonstrate and narrate 12 Mayesh educational videos featuring Mayesh Certified Awesome Blossom products. He/she must be able to express their passion for flowers, help demonstrate awesome blossom usage and technique while portraying value to the viewers.

Do you think you have what it takes? Submit your video August 7th - 21st via our Facebook Mayesh Design Star Contest tab!


Grand Prize Winner

  • Your choice of 1 of 2 trips:
  • Air and hotel accommodations for two for 6 days and 5 nights
  • Videos created and hosted by Winning Designer will be posted on dedicated page on mayesh.com
  • Winning Designer will have a bio page on mayesh.com
  • Monthly promotion of video via e-blast, blog, and social media
  • Link to winners website
  • Winner will be given rights to post Mayesh released videos on their website (altering video prohibited)
  • Unlimited Containers, Inc. will provide designers choice of containers for use in monthly videos

Runner Up

Rules, Regulations & Details

Remember Mayesh is looking for personality, creativity, and technique.
  • Submit a 3 – 5 minute video showcasing the making of an arrangement while narrating (longer videos will be accepted but only judged by the first 5 minutes). The video must contain the following criteria:
    • Feature one focal flower as topic / conversation (all other flowers used, props or containers must support the use of this one flower in the design).
    • Showcase the making of the design.
    • Be narrated by the designer in real time and should include verbiage as it pertains to:
      • Type of focal flower (your choice) and characteristics.
      • Use of other flowers, props and containers and how they enhance the focal flower.
      • The value of the flower as it pertains to retail sales.
      • Why you would want to be and should be the “Mayesh Design Star”.
  • It is the contestant’s responsibility to supply flowers, props and containers for his/her entry. Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc. does not supply any floral products for entry submissions.
    • Prep work may be done in advance (flower conditioning, greening, wiring, etc.) but any tips or tricks, techniques or products used should be explained.
  • There are no regulations pertaining to style or size of arrangement, number of flowers, size or expense of containers and props.
  • Using a professional videographer is not mandatory but is welcome.
  • Video submissions become the property of Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc.


  • August 7 - 21st, 2012 - Submit your video via Facebook (Mayesh Design Star tab; ends 11:59PM PST)
  • August 22th – September 5th , 2012 – Mayesh staff reviews videos, chooses 10 semi-finalists
  • September 6th, 2012 - 10 semi-finalists are announced
  • September 6th – 20th , 2012 – Mayesh conducts interviews, chooses 5 finalists
  • September 21st , 2012 – 5 finalists are announced
  • September 21st – 28th , 2012 - 1 week of voting (open to public) to determine winner
  • October 2nd, 2012 – Mayesh Design Star winner announced!

How to Submit Your Video

  • Videos will be submitted through Facebook
    • User will visit the “MDS2013” tab and enter the following information: Name, Email, Phone Number, City, YouTube or Vimeo link to your Design Star audition video.
      • For Vimeo and YouTube videos, you must allow other people to download the source video.
  • Judging Criteria:
    • Great personality that transcends on video
    • Ability to narrate work and design simultaneously
    • Passion for their craft
    • Creative, good design technique
    • Knowledgeable about the use, and care & handling of flowers
    • Knowledge of costs as it pertains to retail sales (perceived value)
    • Tasteful

Judging Process

  • Mayesh’s Marketing Department will pick 10 finalist based on meeting described judging criteria above.
  • 10 finalists will then go through a phone interview process to determine if they’re business/floral philosophy is in sync with Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc. Five will be eliminated and five will move on to the next round.
  • Mayesh reserves the right to edit the 5 finalist videos.
  • The five finalists submitted videos will be up for public vote on mayesh.com to determine the “Mayesh Design Star 2013”.
  • We ask that before deciding on whether to enter that you carefully review the responsibilities of the winner of the contest. If you feel you will not have the time, interest or ability to fulfill the responsibilities listed below we respectfully ask you to not participate. Inability to complete all 12 videos for the 12 month period (January 2013 through December 2013) to the satisfaction of Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc. will result in forfeiture of prize.

Responsibilities of Mayesh Design Star

  • Winning designer will be required to sign a contract outlining obligations.
  • Shoot 12, five to ten minute videos; one of which will be aired monthly on mayesh.com featuring “Mayesh Certified Awesome Blossom” flowers.
  • Four seasonal 8 hour days of shooting (3 videos per shoot), agreed upon times TBD.
  • Mayesh supplies all flowers used in videos (Mayesh determines focal flowers, and collaborates with winning designer as to recommendations for accompanying flowers and foliage’s). A basic outline of each video, content and narration, will be submitted to and reviewed with Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc.
  • Winning designer is responsible for processing flowers and ensuring quality.
  • Winning designer will supply their own tools and props. Unlimited Containers, Inc. (UCI) will supply containers as selected by the designer for use in the monthly videos. The UCI containers used in monthly videos will become property of the designer.
  • Completed designs are property of winning designer.
  • Mayesh supplies videographer and may be willing to work with a videographer that winner suggests, but is not obligated to use said videographer.
  • Winning designer must complete all video shoots prior to receiving prize (in the event that winner cannot complete his/her duties 2nd Runner Up shall complete duties and receive Grand Prize).
  • Final video will be edited by Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc.
  • All 12 design videos must demonstrate the same overall quality as original winning video.
  • Mayesh owns all rights to all videos.

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