Thursday, October 11, 2012

Your Dream Fund: Finding Women Who Launch Free Webinar: Money to Launch, Develop and Grow Your Business



Your Dream Fund: Finding Money to Launch, Develop and Grow Your Business

By Barbara Vrancik
1:00PM - 2:00PM
Your Dream Fund: Finding Money to Launch, Develop and Grow Your Business
The biggest challenge facing entrepreneurs today is finding money for their businesses. Many entrepreneurs don't even try or give up, thinking it's impossible. But it's not. You may not be able to get a business loan from a bank, but there is plenty of money out there if you know where to look and how to strategize to get it.

In today's economy, you have to be informed, proactive and creative to always have money when you need it. Don't let the lack of financing keep your business from being the success it is truly meant to be!

In Barbara's powerful Webinar, you will learn:
  • The Top Reasons Why Most Small Businesses Fail
  • The #1 Thing Needed To Ensure Success in Business
  • Three Biggest Obstacles for Woman Entrepreneurs Seeking Financing
  • Simple Strategies to Overcome These Obstacles
  • Ten Great Sources of Money (None of Which Include a Bank)

Barbara Vrancik is founder and creator of FINANCE YOUR PASSION which specializes in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners find the money to fund their dreams.

 Barbara Vrancik, Founder & Creator

Finance Your Passion (

 Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Barbara was a partner in a major New York law firm representing banks, financial institutions and corporations in almost every type of financing transaction. Working side-by-side with financial types throughout her career gave her extensive financing experience and insight as to how businesses are financed and when they need to be restructured.

Barbara now mentors entrepreneurs and small business owners on financial matters so that they can launch, develop and grow their businesses year after year with ease, credibility and confidence.

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