Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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Selling with Social Media

Monday, December 10th, 4pm-5pm EST
Everyone says you shouldn't sell on social media. Then why are some of the largest companies in the world developing social selling strategies?
This class will provide strategy and guidelines on how to use social media to increase sales, generate leads and referrals, as well as include some practical exercises that will send you home with tools to create actionable social media content. If you've always wondered how many cute dog pictures you need to show someone before they become your customer, then this class is for you.

What We'll Cover:

  • What is social marketing actually worth?
  • Gathering insights about your target audience on Facebook
  • Using quantitative decision analysis to achieve your social advertising goals
  • Creating content that works on social media
The Instructor
David Verchere
Founder & CEO, PostHelpers
David is the founder and CEO of PostHelpers.

PostHelpers provides organizations with sales force automation tools for social media. He is donating his share for the class to the GOProject.

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